Meet the Founders

Leah Garcia

An ambitious and tenacious young CEO who’s up and coming motivational app, MotivateYou, will soon be taking the world by storm by instilling generational leadership into the minds of our future. With experience as a founder of ConsentUs, a non profit dedicated to educating the youth on the topic of consent while eradicating the stigma around the conversation, her mind has already been primed to make a difference. 

Leah also hosts a podcast on Spotify, Apple podcasts and CableAccess called the H-Town Breakdown with more than 80,000 viewers. Her accreditation ranges from Certified OneLove ambassador, Junior Achievement New Jersey ambassador and leader to certified High Performance Lifestyle Coach. Focusing primarily on the vision and ambitions she has for MotivateYou, Leah is Determined to leave and lead a legacy that will accomplish both success but most importantly significance.

Carmelo Garcia

“I can. I will. Watch me.” and “We can. We will. Watch us.” are impactful words that Spiritual & HPL Coach, community and economic development thought leader, Carmelo G. Garcia lives by this mantra that has taken him from a 

kid in the public housing projects of Hoboken, New Jersey, to the state legislature then to serving at the helm of economic and community development in some of New Jersey’s largest, most dynamic, and challenging urban cities—and arguably, the country. A graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, Harvard’s prestigious Kennedy School of Government, Cornell, Seton Hall and Rutgers university.

Garcia is certified as a John Maxwell Coach and has created a masterful blueprint for becoming a leader amongst leaders in times of both peace and crisis. He has in the last two decades led, managed, and trained over 1,000 employees. Transforming them from good to great and overachiever to high performer. Now he’s using his coaching platform and calling to help others in discovering their best self and finding their purpose to unlock their greatness. Carmelo G. has been a global, diverse keynote speaker, a world-class strategist and motivator. Known as Coach G. in the leadership development discipline he’s developed the 5G model on producing habits that help you own your alignment and stay grounded in the spirit. He’s a sought after trainer, facilitator, influencer, author and distinguished servant leader.